Noore Custom Product


Personalized hijab custom name order details:

  1. The name must be a maximum 7 character
  2. The name will be written under Noore’s logo
  3. The font has been chosen by Noore and is not able to change
  4. Time estimation: 5-7 days from order date

Bulk custom order details:

  1. Community name and Logo can be placed in every piece of our product, by a term that Community name and Logo will be placed under Noore’s logo
  2. Product design cant be changed
  3. Community custom only able to make with our ready on stock product
  4. The minimum order is 24pcs with the same color and design
  5. The work time estimate depends on how many products that you order
  6. We have a discount for each product:
    - Hijab disc 15%
    - Skirts disc 15%
    - Tops disc 30%
    - Pants disc 30%
    - Outer disc 30%

If you are interested and need further information, please contact our Customer Service by phone or Whatsapp +6281910192018